Please complete the following ROI calculator to see exactly how much you could save

The following is a dynamic worksheet that will show you the combined costs of:

  • Your firm not doing faster industry expert & ‘new market’ company research for your NPD project (the work to find and schedule VOC/Blueprinting Discovery Interviews/site visit)
  • Having your team conduct the research internally

Answering each question will allow Supporting Innovation (SI) to provide you with an ROI Calculation for our ‘fast, easy with exceptional results’ research engagement. This will also include our proposed project cost to your firm.


Please answer each of the following questions. Once you have entered all the information, press the button marked, “Show My ROI Calculation and Email Me a Proposal” at the end of the page.

You will see your finished ROI report below, and SI will email to you your proposed project cost based on the details you provide. The ROI will be the savings you receive by not using your own staff and resources for the research, but instead using SI's ‘fast, easy with exceptional results’ research engagement.

Company’s name:
Phone Number:
Email address:


1. Number of Industry Experts How many 'Industry Experts' does your team require for this new market NPD project? These are experts you firm will pay as consultants to help you better understand the new market you are entering. If you don't need an Industry Expert, please move the slider to 0 and check the box marked, “We do not need industry experts for this project.”

Number of supporting Industry Experts required for your project:

2. Staff Hours Spent Securing Industry Experts What number of research 'staff-hours' will you need to identify the right Industry Expert(s)? This includes the research, qualify, interview and select steps needed to find the perfect Industry Experts to support your project. (We find the average number of staff-hours spent securing the best Industry Expert is 60, including meetings, report write-ups, communications and scheduling.)

Total staff-hours you expect your team to spend securing the perfect industry expert(s):

3. Number of Site Visits How many 'company site visits' or VOC/BluePrinting Interviews have you planned for your NPD project? (The standard new market NPD project includes, on average, 10-15 site visits VOC/BluePrinting Discovery interviews.)

Number of site visits or team VOC/BluePrint Discovery Interviews:

4. Regions of the World What regions of the world do you need to include in your 'company interviews/site visits?' Please only include those geographic areas you are presently focused on.

Geographic areas for your 'new market company site visits':

5. Staff Hours Spent Securing Company Interviews What is the number of staff-hours your team will need to research, identify, interview and select 'new market' companies, including scheduling of visits? This includes identifying the population of 'new market' companies , then identifying the very best and most insightful of these through whatever means you can, and finally securing on-site interviews with key decision-makers from the best set of the 'new market' companies. (We find the average to be between 200 and 400 staff-hours.)

Total staff-hours researching & scheduling ‘new market’ companies before site interviews:

6. Months Your Team May Spend Finding Experts and Companies How much elapsed time, in months (how many months), do you expect the 'expert' and 'new market' company research, and selection to take your team? (Average elapsed time for a project team, with delays, callbacks and push-offs, is 4 to 6 months for a new market NPD project using team resources.)

Elapsed months to secure industry expert and to find/schedule ‘new market’ customer onsite interviews:

7. Fully Burdened Cost Of A ‘Staff Hour’ Fully burdened cost ‘per staff-hour’ of a team member for your internal research (Vacation, Benefits and MGT Overhead, Office Costs). (Average cost ‘per staff-hour’ is often over $80, with over $50 for salary and benefits and over $30 for overhead.)

Fully burdened cost per staff-hour of a project team member:

8. Average Yearly Revenue Please provide your projected 'Yearly Gross Revenue' from an average of years 1, 2 & 3 for of the new product being developed. This information is critical for determining the ROI for SI’s 'Fast, easy with exceptional results' research engagement.

Projected yearly revenue from an average of years 1, 2 & 3:

9. Gross Margin Percent Please provide your projected ‘Gross Margin %’ from an average of the years 1, 2 & 3 for the new product being developed. Please keep it simple. We are just looking for overview numbers not exact figures.

Projected yearly gross margin percent:

On-Screen Results

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Once you select the button below, the following worksheet will be calculated and your ROI Calculation will be displayed below. Supporting Innovation will also email your our proposed cost for our services as you have outlined.

You can change the variables above to modify the results below after selecting the button. If you change your input variables, please let us know if you would like to use the new variables for your ROI Calculation.

Actual cost of having your team do the work

Total hours of team member researching & scheduling & 'new market' companies before site interviews:
Cost per hour of fully burdened team member:
Direct cost of team member work:

Reduced “Time to Market”

Months for your team to secure the right Industry Expert and to find/schedule 'new market' company onsite interviews:
Less time for Supporting Innovation to do the same work: 1 month
Difference is the months reduced in time to market:

The revenue to your firm resulting from a faster time to market

Projected yearly average Gross Margin (average of years 1, 2 & 3):
Average per-month revenue:
Gross margin:
Months saved:
Additional gross profit:

Cost of not doing Supporting Innovation's 'Fast, easy with exceptional results' research engagement

Direct cost to company of doing 'expert' and 'new market' company research, identification and selection in-house:
Lost gross profit by not using Supporting Innovation:
Cost of not doing Supporting Innovation's research engagement:

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Supporting Innovation will email you with a proposed cost for our services as you have outlined. Supporting Innovation will determine your proposed project cost based details your have stated that you need for the project.

Please feel free to contact Supporting Innovation directly to schedule a meeting to review our services and to see a demonstration of our 'Project Dashboard' resources, used for each project.