The 7 Points of the SI Mission

  1. To be an indispensable partner to our clients, offering an essential service critical to uncovering innovative, market-leading products.
  2. To provide our clients with the absolute best decision makers/companies (non-clients in the target marketplace) and marketplace experts to conduct their NPD interviews and site visits – unmatchable by any other means.
  3. To use our unique technologies, including our proprietary Interview and Survey platforms, to identify from thousands of options who truly are the best end-user companies and experts for our clients’ NPD projects.
  4. To inform and support the NPD teams we work with so they have “perfect insight” into our research via our Project Dashboard and the best possible selection process with our important findings.
  5. To conduct our services as quickly and effectively as possible, cutting months off of our clients’ NPD “time to market” schedule and saving Supporting Innovation client teams tens of thousands of dollars lost today in delayed “time-to-market.”
  6. To provide a written guarantee of at least 300% ROI for each and every project we undertake based on faster time to market, savings in staff time and value of a significant increase in the quality of marketplace experts and new market companies to the NPD process.
  7. To ensure that each NPD project we work with has access to the complete research finding produced from the process by the Supporting Innovation team with a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use user interface.