Supporting Innovation (SI) has unmatched systems and processes to identifying ALL the untapped experts involved in the newest developments in your NPD team's target market. 

Some clients of SI say that they previously relied on Expert Networks, and often only found non-experts who knew very little about their highly focused target market. That is due to Expert Networks relying on more generalized experts who are often very removed from the real 'in the trenches' experience that NPD teams need.

SI's process is exactly the opposite of how Expert Networks work.  

  • We find real experts in your market using deep research with commercial-level library science tools to uncover those people the market has elevated as its experts. 
  • We find individuals with an exact focus, deep production experience, and involvement in the newest developments in your target market. 
  • We find extremely involved individuals who have never thought of promoting themselves as experts, but who have the insights, hard-won experience, and contacts that will make your entire team feel full of what we at SI call 'perfect NPD knowledge.' 

We don't just find 1 or 2 experts, but 8-15 of the absolute best experts, who we then pre-interview and qualify. Your team can then pick the 3-6 paid experts that best meet their needs.

Let SI find the total population of perfect-fit experts that are untapped by competitors and not available on Expert Networks, each with significant target market work experience, leadership, contacts, and deep insights.

The following is a detailed overview of the typical SI Expert Market Research service offering for an NPD project team just like yours. 

Step A: Extensive, original Market Research into your 'unfamiliar' target marketa key step to finding the right experts.

As a starting point, a team of 4-5 SI researchers conducts highly focused market research into your NPD team's target micro market with special focus on your intended product or service. Clients have found our custom market research is essential to their team's understanding of the many important details of the target market. This is also critical knowledge needed by SI staff to become intimately informed about the detailed workings of the target market so they are ready to find your experts.

We provide specific original research on all of the following areas in the first phase of the project, making sure your team and SI have the best possible insights:

  • Important industry and company news over the past 5 years for the target market
  • A definition of terms and nomenclature used in the micro market by its participants
  • Documentation of competitive products in the target market
  • Background market research into each of the important end-use companies
  • Summary and links to important target market publications, articles, and presentations
  • Summary and links to important target market industry research
  • Summary and links to important target market academic thesis research
  • Market sizing and other 'competitive intelligence'

By providing this deep analysis of the unfamiliar target market, SI can bring early insights to both the NPD team and to our own research staff. Our clients are always impressed with how complete and targeted our market research is to their needsyou will not find better targeted custom marketplace research anywhere else.

Step B: SI researchers find the total population of untapped experts in your target market. We only focus on experts with proven in-company experience, thought leadership, and significant involvement and impact in the highly focused market segment.

SI researchers scour our many commercial tools library science resources to develop a complete list of ALL untapped industry experts in your target micro marketplace. The experts we uncover are not easily available to your competition, nor will they be found on Expert Networks. We pride ourselves on uncovering 8-15 highly unique experts closely tied to and highly knowledgeable in your unfamiliar market via their past work history and thought leadership.

We provide your team with a secure, customized, web-based SI 'Project Dashboard' with a list of our researched experts (8-15) for your team’s review. Your SI Project Dashboard will also include significant research into each expert. We will provide you and your team with specific source material from our research, including each expert's speaking presentations, articles, court testimony, biography or resume, industry history, product team memberships, awards, patents, and much more. Your team can drill down to see why we feel each identified expert is truly a thought leader and deep insider within your target product focus area.

As with all of our service areas, our SI Project Dashboard provides your team with group communication tools so each of your project members can comment, discuss, and note what they want other team members to think about or focus on for each expert listed. The SI Project Dashboard platform facilitates private, secure, intra-team communication as you narrow the list down to the experts you feel are best for your needs (only seen by your team). 

Your Team’s Actions: Once the complete set of 8-15 researched experts and their supporting material is provided to your team via the Project Dashboard from SI, your team selects the experts you feel are the best for your project’s needs, which often reduces the target expert list down to 5-10.

Step C: Recorded SI 'backgrounder interviews' with each of the experts your team selects.

SI conducts 15-30 minute preliminary recorded phone interviews with each of the 5-10 experts selected by your team (from Step B) with critical questions developed by SI and approved by your team. This first interview is unpaid to the expert, and has the goal of identifying just how well positioned each expert is to help your NPD process.

The goal of Step C is to provide detailed recorded interviews with the 5-10 selected experts using a pre-approved Interview Guide. Your team can hear and read each interview) and then decide which experts you would like to engage in paid interviews. To facilitate your decision making into who will be your ultimate project experts, SI accomplishes the following for each expert in backgrounder interviews:

  • SI reveals each expert’s strengths and weaknesses, uncovering details about their experiences and market insights not clear from their resumes. 
  • SI makes sure each expert has deep production and market insights into your target market.
  • SI identifies if your competition or others have already used these experts, making sure you have exclusive access to their insights.  
  • SI identifies the experts' required compensation and ensures they sign confidentiality agreements. 
  • We document the details of a possible working relationship with your firm, including ensuring there are no conflicting relationships.

We deliver the 5-10 recorded and transcribed expert interviews your team has requested to your SI Project Dashboard for your team to review. 

Within the dashboard, we provide a one-of-a-kind interview platform where each interview is transcribed and the audio is time-synced to the transcript, so both work in unison. SI staff highlights the most important quotes from each interviewed expert along with focus areas we feel your team should read and hear. As with all of our services, each interview within our SI Project Dashboard provides group communication tools for your team to comment, discuss, and make notes within each interview.

Your Team’s Actions: Your NPD team reviews our recorded, transcribed phone interviews with the 5-10 experts you selected in Step B. Your team determines who is the best fit for your NPD project, most often 3-6 outstanding experts you feel best meet your NPD needs. SI then facilitates 1-4 hour paid phone interviews by your team with the 3-6 experts for in-depth question-and-answer sessions by your team.

Step D: Your NPD team conducts 1-4 hour paid recorded web-based interviews with the 3-6 experts you have selected from Step C.

This is the true value of our Expert service as your NPD team engages the paid experts in focused interviews, uncovering the invaluable hidden insights each expert brings to light. As with preliminary interviews, SI organizes and records each paid expert interview in our unique Project Dashboard Interview Platform. 

Your NPD team develops a detailed interview guide (with methods and help from SI's deep experience) to be used in the paid web-based interviews. Your detailed interview guide is recommended to be made up of 5-10 market questions, 5-10 technical questions, and 5-10 production related questions, plus some less obvious but critical questions we at SI have learned are essential to fully uncovering your target market's secrets. 

By using a detailed Expert Interview Guide your team will be able to uncover the critical insights you need into your unfamiliar market. Your team will be able to compare and contrast the different insights each expert provides.

Your NPD team conducts individual, web-based 1-4 hour paid interviews with each of the 3-6 experts selected. These web-based interviews are coordinated and hosted by SI so that we can capture each interview's audio and screen-sharing to be integrated with our one-of-a-kind interview platform where each interview is transcribed and the audio is time-synced to the transcript, so both work in unison. 

SI handles all payment of the experts' fees, to be reimbursed by your firm to SI, so that you have no internal paperwork or invoicing nightmares to worry about.

Each of our clients consistently rates the value of the experts they interview via SI services as a 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale. You will be delighted with the marketplace wisdom and previously unavailable insights the selected experts provide your team. 

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied:

  • With the intelligence our process provides for your NPD team;
  • That you will not need any other expert resource to meet your project's goals;
  • That you will not find an untapped expert or their market intelligence via any other means outside of what SI has provided.